Remove Text Formatting from Gmail – Copy/Paste – Tips and Trick

When we copy a text from a web page or other source and paste them in a Gmail,the formating of the original text would be same.Some times it may be annoying we need it to be normal.In Gmail there is a simple way by just selecting the text’s and clicking the button ‘Tx'(as in image below) would format the texts to normal format.

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Can We Format(Bold/Italic) Text in the GTalk Chat Window – Trick

Yes it is true that we can format the text when we type in Gtalk chat window.Even though we dont have buttons to make a text bold or Italic,there is a easy way to do that.
To make the text bold format we have to add asterisks(*) in front and end of the word(s).
Eg         : *I am in bold*
Result : I am in bold

To make the text italic format we have to add underscore(_) in front and end of the word(s).
Eg         : _I am in italic_
Result : I am in italic

Combination of both bold and italic
Eg         :  *_I am in bold and italic_*
Result :  I am in bold and italic