How to check RAM size in Ubuntu using commands

Check RAM Size in Ubuntu

Sometime, we may need to know the System’s RAM size to check whether it meets a software’s requirements or to find available free RAM during application

To view the total available RAM type the following command


Output – (displays the total available RAM in KB)

total          used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:        1014488      183236      194352        5708      636900      787780
Swap:             0           0           0

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How to share files between Linux systems

Even for a newbie, the Giver application will be very helpful in sharing files between Linux systems. Giver has been hosted in Google code. Its easy to install and very easy to use. I will explain you how to install and use Giver. I am using the application in Ubuntu 10.04.


  1. Open the ‘Terminal
  2. Enter the following command. sudo apt-get install giver
  3. This will install the application under Applications -> Internet menu

Use Giver

  • Applications -> Internet -> Giver or enter ‘giver‘ in the terminal
  • Giver application showing the list of Recipients for you

This opens up the Giver and you will see Giver iconGiver Icon in the notification area in the notification area

  • The Giver window will show the list of computers in which Giver is running currently.
  • To send a file to a computer. click on that computer from the list, will popup a menu asking either to send a file or folder.
  • Choose necessary option to show the Open dialog box, [ I am choosing ‘Send a file’ ]Choose the file and click open.
  • The user in the selected computer will be prompted to either accept the file or decline.
  • After ‘Accept’ button is clicked, the file transfer gets started. once transfer is done both the users were notified.

Sender will be intimated with Successful transfer message

  • You can configure ‘Giver’ where to save the files received; by opening up its preferences. Default location is user ‘Desktop’
  • To open the ‘Preferences’, right click on the Giver icon in the notification area and select ‘Preferences’ Open Giver Preferences
  • The Preferences dialog box will open. You can change your giver name to be displayed for all your recipients, your profile picture and the location where all your received files/ folders are to be stored. After configuring click ‘Close’

How to Verify an Email address is valid Or Check if an Email address is available?

At times you would want to verify the sender is valid or not of the mail received.And also you may want to check an email address is available or already taken.VerifyEmailAddress helps us to do them.

Just go and type an email address you want to check.

It Verifies the email id and gives the result as valid or invalid email address.

Invalid Check Result

Valid Check Result

How to Lock the system/PC just using the mouse – Trick

We usually use Alt+Ctrl+Del or Windows+L to lock our system by the keyboard.Lets see how we can lock the system by the mouse.

Step 1 : Right click on the desktop, point to New->Shortcut.

Step 2 : In the Shortcut dialog box, copy and paste ‘rundll32 user32.dll,LockWorkStation‘ without single quote in the ‘Type the location of the item’ text box and Click Next.

Step 3 : In “Type a name for this shortcut” text-box type some name you wish like “Lock the System” and Click Finish.

Step 4 : Just double click on the icon, the desktop will be locked :)

How to Clear/Delete the My Recent Documents Opened in Windows XP

If you think that you have opened many documents and want to delete them,Here are the Steps;
We can clear the list through the menu and we can also delete all the documents opened by going to the physical path where the documents are located.
Way 1 : Clearing through Start Menu

1. Right Click Start Menu and select Properties.Click on Customize button.This will open Customize Start Menu window.
Start Menu Properties
2. Click on Advanced tab.In the Recent Documents panel,Click Clear List button.Which will clear all the recent documents.
Customized Start Menu

Way 2 : Deleting recent documents through recent document folder.

Recent document folder would be located at the Documents and Settings of that profile folder.
1. Go to Start Menu.Click Run and type “recent”  without quotes in the open textbox.This will open the physical path of the recent documnets folder.
2. Select All(Ctrl+A) the files and delete them.
Recent Folder

Apache Open Source Projects – Part 2

This post is a continuation of the previous post ‘Apache Open Source Projects – Part 1 ‘. In this post we will look into other cool projects of ASF (Apache Software Foundation).


james-project-logoApache James is a Enterprise mailing Server which integrates emailing protocols such as SMTP, LMTP (from V3), POP3, IMAP (from V3) and Sieve filtering funtioality. Apache James is 100% pure Java application based on the Java 2 platform and the JavaMail 1.3 API. It works alone without the need for any other server or solution. James Server uses Mailets to process emails. There are Mailets APIs available so that user can write their own mail handling code, such as creating archives, filtering mails, update database.



mod perlIt embeds Perl interpreter into Apache HTTP server, so that dynamic content produced by Perl can be provided as response to the incoming requests. mod_perl can emulate a CGI (Common Gateway Interface). It provides complete access to the Apache API, allowing developers to write handlers for all phases of Apache Http server. Everything from virtual hosts to authentication settings can be configured via Perl.



Apache PivotApache Pivot is an open-source platform for building RIA (Rich Internet Applications) in Java. It combines the enhanced productivity and usability features of a modern RIA toolkit with the robustness of the Java platform. It provides a comprehensive set of foundation classes that together comprise a framework. These classes form the building blocks upon which more complex and sophisticated applications can be built.

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Apache Open Source Projects – Part 1

The Apache Software Foundation is not only famous for its Open source Web Server, it has more open source projects. In this post we will look into some of its cool projects.

HTTP Server

Its a widely used and most popular web server; supports differentoperating systems. Since it is an open source software, hosting your web site in this web server will cost you less. This web server supports several server side programing languages which includes PHP, Perl, Python, .Net and Ruby.


Apache AntAnt is a tool to build Java applications. Its is similar to the Make, theonly difference between these is Ant uses XML to describe the build process where Make uses make file. Ant supplies a number of built-in tasks allowing to compile, assemble, test and run Java applications.




Apache Directory Server LogoThis project provides Directory solutions which includes a LDAPv3 compatible Directory Server and a Directory Studio. The Directory Server supports Kerberos 5 and Change Password Protocol. The Directory Studio contains LDAP tools which can be used with any LDAP servers.

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How to create an OpenID and use it ?


Fed up with creating new accounts for multiple websites, here comes OpenID for the rescue. It allows you to use an existing account to sign in to multiple websites without ‘sign up’. OpenID replaces the common login process that uses a login name and password for every website.

An OpenID is in the form of a unique URL (e.g., http:\\\testid), which is authenticated by the user’s OpenID provider. Some of the websites who supports, allows and provides OpenID are Yahoo, Google, ZOHO, Microsoft, AOL, PayPal, Verisign. The OpenID doesn’t rely on a central authority to authenticate the user. The OpenID protocol leaves the type of authentication to the provider, the authentication forms may include passwords and biometrics.

Let us create a OpenID with Yahoo!

  1. Go to Yahoo OpenID website Yahoo! OpenID
  2. Get Started, login with your Yahoo ID

    Yahoo! OpenID
    Yahoo! OpenID
  3. Now Yahoo will display the OpenID URL (identifier) generated for you

    OpenID generated
    OpenID generated
  4. To create custom identifier click on ‘Show customization Options‘. Check for available identifiers, Yahoo recomends not to use mail id as part of the openID as it may expose our mail id. click on ‘Save My Customization‘.

    Custom OpenID
    Custom OpenID

Let us check how to use the OpenID.

  1. Go to Live Journal, click on ‘Login with OpenID‘ in the login page to open the OpenID login page.livejournal-openid-login
  2. Enter your OpenID and click Login (I don’t have account in Live Journal)
  3. This will forward it to Yahoo, where you need to login with Yahoo ID
  4. Now you have logged into Live Journal using OpenID.

The major advantage of an OpenID is you need not create a new account for every website you visit, instead create an OpenID and use the same account to log into all websites you visit.

6 Useful WebTools For Designers

To create a clean website, color plays a major role.  Selecting the color scheme for your site is made simple by introduction of many tools; you can use the color blender online tool to select your color scheme.
To select the color scheme go to and click on the first color box. Change its color by using the RGB sliders below. It will generate 6 color matching palette for the selected color. It also allows you to change all 6 color palette manually by selecting the ‘Direct Edit’ radio button.


Cascading style sheets forms an integral part of the web designing. Use the web tool available in [ link to :] to create style sheets for the HTML elements. Set the properties and click on ‘Generate CSS’.


Generating “loading” gif images made easy with the web tool
To generate specify the “loading” image type, background color, foreground color and transparency and click “Generate It!”


It’s ( )an icon directory, where you can search for icons just as you google, filter it by its sizes and background color.


Use the web tool you can generate the favicon. Either import an image or design your own favicon by using tools available.


Go to to create free buttons. Generate free icons of your style and need.