Remove Text Formatting from Gmail – Copy/Paste – Tips and Trick

When we copy a text from a web page or other source and paste them in a Gmail,the formating of the original text would be same.Some times it may be annoying we need it to be normal.In Gmail there is a simple way by just selecting the text’s and clicking the button ‘Tx'(as in image below) would format the texts to normal format.

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How To Remove/Delete/Move Mail Message from Inbox Label – Gmail

We usually want to organize our mail box and keep our Inbox clean.We label the mail messages and use filter option in gmail and organize them but still we would see the mails sitting in our Inbox that does not have filter.

Here are the ways to remove the Inbox label from a mail message or mulitple mail messages.

Remove Inbox Label from a Mail Message :

  • Open the mail message.
  • Click on the  ‘X’ next to the Inbox label near the message subject line or Click Archive button on the top.
  • This action will remove the mail from Inbox and moves that mail to “All Mail” Label.
  • “All Mail” label would be located in the left side of the gmail page.If you don’t see “All Mail” click the More drop-down menu at the bottom of the labels list.

Remove Inbox Label from a Multiple Mail Messages :

  • Select the mails to be moved from Inbox.
  • Click on Archive button on the top.
  • This action will move the mails to “All Mail” Label and removes them from Inbox.

Keep your mails organized and Inbox clean :)

Flash Player is not working in Google Chrome Browser – How to install

If there is a problem in viewing videos/flash content  in youtube or facebook etc; through chrome browser,Here is a easy way to resolve it.

Step 1 : Download Adobe Flash Player installer for Google Chrome from Adobe officially website. Click here to download.

Step 2 : You will get a prompt message at the left bottom corner of the screen as  save the file or discard.Click Save button.

Step 3 : Open the path of downloaded  folder and run the install_flash_player.exe.

Step 4 : Restart Chrome.

By installing flash player the problem will be resolved.Enjoy flash content in Google chrome.

How To Print The E-Mail from Gmail – Tip

To print the mail we don’t need to copy the content to doc/notepad and print them. Gmail makes it easy to print the email message with an option.

To print the whole email message,open the email and click on the “Reply” button in the top right corner of the email.This opens a drop down with links, click on Print in it.

A new window/tab will open in the browser with the Gmail logo and the email message content. The print dialog box will also open immediately from which we can print the email.

Lighttpd Web Server

lhttpd logoLIGHTTPD (pronounced by Lighty) is an opensource webserver for Security, Speed, compliance and flexibility. Its been optimized for high performance environments. With a small memory footprint, effective management of CPU load and advanced features like FastCGI, SCGI, Auth, Output compression and URL rewriting; lighttpd is the perfect solution for servers suffering from load problems.

lighttpd powers several popular Web 2.0 sites like YouTube, Wikipedia and Meebo. Its high speed io-infrastructure allows them to scale several times better with the same hardware than with alternative web-servers. Its event-driven architecture is optimized for a large number of parallel connections (keep-alive) which is important for high performance AJAX applications.

You can check the Lighty benchmark here.

You may be interested in some of the Lighty extension projects,

Lighty2Go – Portable Lighty webserver configured with MySQL and PHP stack.

yPortableWS – Portable Lighty Webserver with MySQL and PHP stack.

WLMP Project – Windows based Lighty with MySQL database server and PHP support.

Apache Open Source Projects – Part 2

This post is a continuation of the previous post ‘Apache Open Source Projects – Part 1 ‘. In this post we will look into other cool projects of ASF (Apache Software Foundation).


james-project-logoApache James is a Enterprise mailing Server which integrates emailing protocols such as SMTP, LMTP (from V3), POP3, IMAP (from V3) and Sieve filtering funtioality. Apache James is 100% pure Java application based on the Java 2 platform and the JavaMail 1.3 API. It works alone without the need for any other server or solution. James Server uses Mailets to process emails. There are Mailets APIs available so that user can write their own mail handling code, such as creating archives, filtering mails, update database.



mod perlIt embeds Perl interpreter into Apache HTTP server, so that dynamic content produced by Perl can be provided as response to the incoming requests. mod_perl can emulate a CGI (Common Gateway Interface). It provides complete access to the Apache API, allowing developers to write handlers for all phases of Apache Http server. Everything from virtual hosts to authentication settings can be configured via Perl.



Apache PivotApache Pivot is an open-source platform for building RIA (Rich Internet Applications) in Java. It combines the enhanced productivity and usability features of a modern RIA toolkit with the robustness of the Java platform. It provides a comprehensive set of foundation classes that together comprise a framework. These classes form the building blocks upon which more complex and sophisticated applications can be built.

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Apache Open Source Projects – Part 1

The Apache Software Foundation is not only famous for its Open source Web Server, it has more open source projects. In this post we will look into some of its cool projects.

HTTP Server

Its a widely used and most popular web server; supports differentoperating systems. Since it is an open source software, hosting your web site in this web server will cost you less. This web server supports several server side programing languages which includes PHP, Perl, Python, .Net and Ruby.


Apache AntAnt is a tool to build Java applications. Its is similar to the Make, theonly difference between these is Ant uses XML to describe the build process where Make uses make file. Ant supplies a number of built-in tasks allowing to compile, assemble, test and run Java applications.




Apache Directory Server LogoThis project provides Directory solutions which includes a LDAPv3 compatible Directory Server and a Directory Studio. The Directory Server supports Kerberos 5 and Change Password Protocol. The Directory Studio contains LDAP tools which can be used with any LDAP servers.

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How to Check The Friends We are following are following Us Back In Twitter

Twitter has become the top happening place of social media.Twitter is becoming better and better.Recently twitter has also released the New twitter design and features which sounds good.But Still there are few good features missing.

One important feature which I would consider is to see people whom I follow are following me back.This feature is still missing in Twitter.But friendorfollow fills that gap.Using friendorfollow  we can find the friends who are not following us back.


There is one indirect way to check if someone is following us back through New twitter layout.If the Message button is visible in the profile page of your friend than he is following you back or else he is not your mutual friend.

Not Following Me On Twitter
Not Following Me On Twitter

Following Me On Twitter
Following Me On Twitter

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