How to Check if someone else is using/hacked my Gmail account

Gmail gives a secure feature to monitor and protect your email account.It provides you with latest 10 IP address that you have logged into the account.By this you can check is some else have logged in your Gmail account.And also it provides the current open location of your Gmail account.

To check these details scroll down your email page you would notice the “Last account activity” label and the Details link.

Click on details link to check the IP addresses from where the gmail account was accessed.There is also a “Sign out all other sessions” button which would logout all the other open locations.

It is better to immediately change your password and security question,to ensure no would further use your account.

By this feature Gmail helps us to protect your account from hackers.

How to Verify an Email address is valid Or Check if an Email address is available?

At times you would want to verify the sender is valid or not of the mail received.And also you may want to check an email address is available or already taken.VerifyEmailAddress helps us to do them.

Just go and type an email address you want to check.

It Verifies the email id and gives the result as valid or invalid email address.

Invalid Check Result

Valid Check Result

How to Attach And Send An Executable (.exe file) in Gmail – Trick

Gmail would not allow to attach .exe format file.If you try to attach an executable file(.exe) then Gmail would prompt a message saying “file is an executable file. For security reasons, Gmail does not allow you to send this type of file”.

gmail exe file

But still if you need to send a executable file in Gmail there are some workarounds

Rename the file

Rename the file without .exe extension.For eg if the file is “test.exe” change it to “test.txt” and attach in gmail for sending.
Communicate in the receiver side that they have to change it to .exe extension.

Compress the file

Compress the file using any tool and the attach it in gmail.For Eg if you compress using the winrar tool it will be compressed and extension would be “test.rar” which Gmail would allow to be attached and sent.

These workarounds would violate Google policies.Thus if you wish to go with Google,upload the file in some file sharing website and give the link in the mail.

How to Open .docx/.xlsx/.pptx Extension File Without Microsoft Office Installed

The later versions of Microsoft Office has the word document extension as .docx instead of the older extension .doc.Suppose if you want to open a word document with .docx extension but you don’t have the latest/compatible version to open them,there are different ways to view them.

View using older Microsoft office – Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack

Microsoft has a compatible pack to view newer version documents in older version office.The Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack can be downloaded from here

View using Google Docs

The document can be uploaded to Google docs and viewed.Thus no softwares have to be installed.

View using Open Office

Open Office is a open-source office suite.By installing Open Office the documents can be viewed
through it.

View using on-line tools or converters

There are several on-line tools and converters available which can be downloaded and used to convert the documents.
On line Tools : zamzar ,ThinkFree
Converter Softwares : docx-converter , docx2doc

Can We Format(Bold/Italic) Text in the GTalk Chat Window – Trick

Yes it is true that we can format the text when we type in Gtalk chat window.Even though we dont have buttons to make a text bold or Italic,there is a easy way to do that.
To make the text bold format we have to add asterisks(*) in front and end of the word(s).
Eg         : *I am in bold*
Result : I am in bold

To make the text italic format we have to add underscore(_) in front and end of the word(s).
Eg         : _I am in italic_
Result : I am in italic

Combination of both bold and italic
Eg         :  *_I am in bold and italic_*
Result :  I am in bold and italic

How To Remove/Delete/Move Mail Message from Inbox Label – Gmail

We usually want to organize our mail box and keep our Inbox clean.We label the mail messages and use filter option in gmail and organize them but still we would see the mails sitting in our Inbox that does not have filter.

Here are the ways to remove the Inbox label from a mail message or mulitple mail messages.

Remove Inbox Label from a Mail Message :

  • Open the mail message.
  • Click on the  ‘X’ next to the Inbox label near the message subject line or Click Archive button on the top.
  • This action will remove the mail from Inbox and moves that mail to “All Mail” Label.
  • “All Mail” label would be located in the left side of the gmail page.If you don’t see “All Mail” click the More drop-down menu at the bottom of the labels list.

Remove Inbox Label from a Multiple Mail Messages :

  • Select the mails to be moved from Inbox.
  • Click on Archive button on the top.
  • This action will move the mails to “All Mail” Label and removes them from Inbox.

Keep your mails organized and Inbox clean :)

Flash Player is not working in Google Chrome Browser – How to install

If there is a problem in viewing videos/flash content  in youtube or facebook etc; through chrome browser,Here is a easy way to resolve it.

Step 1 : Download Adobe Flash Player installer for Google Chrome from Adobe officially website. Click here to download.

Step 2 : You will get a prompt message at the left bottom corner of the screen as  save the file or discard.Click Save button.

Step 3 : Open the path of downloaded  folder and run the install_flash_player.exe.

Step 4 : Restart Chrome.

By installing flash player the problem will be resolved.Enjoy flash content in Google chrome.

How To Print The E-Mail from Gmail – Tip

To print the mail we don’t need to copy the content to doc/notepad and print them. Gmail makes it easy to print the email message with an option.

To print the whole email message,open the email and click on the “Reply” button in the top right corner of the email.This opens a drop down with links, click on Print in it.

A new window/tab will open in the browser with the Gmail logo and the email message content. The print dialog box will also open immediately from which we can print the email.

How to Lock the system/PC just using the mouse – Trick

We usually use Alt+Ctrl+Del or Windows+L to lock our system by the keyboard.Lets see how we can lock the system by the mouse.

Step 1 : Right click on the desktop, point to New->Shortcut.

Step 2 : In the Shortcut dialog box, copy and paste ‘rundll32 user32.dll,LockWorkStation‘ without single quote in the ‘Type the location of the item’ text box and Click Next.

Step 3 : In “Type a name for this shortcut” text-box type some name you wish like “Lock the System” and Click Finish.

Step 4 : Just double click on the icon, the desktop will be locked :)

How to Clear/Delete the My Recent Documents Opened in Windows XP

If you think that you have opened many documents and want to delete them,Here are the Steps;
We can clear the list through the menu and we can also delete all the documents opened by going to the physical path where the documents are located.
Way 1 : Clearing through Start Menu

1. Right Click Start Menu and select Properties.Click on Customize button.This will open Customize Start Menu window.
Start Menu Properties
2. Click on Advanced tab.In the Recent Documents panel,Click Clear List button.Which will clear all the recent documents.
Customized Start Menu

Way 2 : Deleting recent documents through recent document folder.

Recent document folder would be located at the Documents and Settings of that profile folder.
1. Go to Start Menu.Click Run and type “recent”  without quotes in the open textbox.This will open the physical path of the recent documnets folder.
2. Select All(Ctrl+A) the files and delete them.
Recent Folder