Animation in Photoshop

Here we can see how to create an animated GIF file, using Photoshop CS4.

1. Create a new Photoshop document.

2. Create a new Layers using the shortcut key Shift+Ctrl+N Or using the menu as shown below.

3. Use the text tool write “ForDevs” text on stage. Just like below or draw a symbol as per custom requirement.

4. Similarly write some other text. Now the Layer Panel contains two text layer and one background layer.

5. Change the Photoshop Workspace Mode From “ESSENTIALS” to “VIDEO”.

6. Animation Panel has been shown at the bottom.
Time Line Animation

Frame Animation

7. Based on Time Line Animation, by changing the Green Bar size we set the visible state of the layers at specific time line.

8. Based on Frame Animation, Set the Frame Seconds use the popup menu on each frame. For example set the Time as 0.17 sec.

9. Create a two new duplicate frame for each layer and set the time as 0.1 sec. In Animation Panel use the Top Right corner icon, select the “Tween…”

10. For second and fourth frame we set the Tween with “Next Frame” and “First Frame” respectively. Set the “Frame to Add” as 5. Now Click Ok button. Now the Tween Frames are created.

11. Now Change the “Once” option to “Forever” option for continues playing.

12. From File Menu, select the “Save for Web & Device…”

13. Change the GIF format and Save it.

14. The Final Output has shown like below.