How to track changes in a word document

When there are multiple persons working on a document, it may be difficult to know who made which changes and where its been made. The ‘Track Changes’ feature in Microsoft Word allows you to see the changes made to the document and who made them.

To enable ‘Track Changes’ feature, follow the steps

  • Click the Review tab in the Ribbon 
  • Under the Tracking Group click on Track Changes or use shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + E. Any changes made to this document will be shown highlighted in different colour with user information


  • After enabling Track Changes and the document is edited by a user, the insertion will be highlighted in red colour and with underscore.
  • To review the changes made in the document, click on Reviewing Pane under Tracking Group to show up the Review pane with the list of changes made to the document by which user
  • You can Accept the changes or Reject the changes by clicking on respective buttons in the Tracking Group under Review tab


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