How to set different formats of page numbers in a single MS Word Document

This tutorial tested under MS Word 2010

Step 1:

Open Microsoft Word 2010

Step 2:

Type “Ctrl + Enter” multiple times (Each time a new page will open)

Step 3:

Goto First page of your document

Step 4:

Goto “Insert” tab -> “Header and Footer” Section -> Click “Page Numbers” to display page numbers in a header or footer section with a default formats.

Now all the pages will have a page numbers with a default format in your document

Step 5:

Now break the pages into a two different page formats and page numbers

Goto the page where you want the break.. here I will take page 2 to show the break

Goto the page 2, now select “Page Layout” tab and select “Breaks” drop down from “Page Setup” section. In that drop down goto “Section Break” and select “Next Page”.

Now Your document will have section break from the page 3.

Step 6:

Goto the page 3 and double click on the heater or footer where your page number exists.

“Heater and Footer Tools” Tab will activated automatically on the menu ribbon. In that Click the “Link to Previous” button from the “Navigation” section. (This will remove the connection between the different sections)

Step 7:

Select the Page number and then select “Page Number” drop down menu from “Heater & Footer” section of “Heater and Footer Tools” Tab. From that drop down menu select the “Format Page Numbers…” option

Step 8:

Page Number Format dialog box will open. Choose some different page number format and you may continue the page number from the previous section or you can decide the starting number.

A Sample document with different page number format is attached for the reference: Sample Document

M.Anandha kumar

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