3 Useful Excel Tips For Dummies – How-To

All of us who use computer at a point of time come across a situation to use Excel due to its efficient way of handling data. Listed are few excel tips for beginners who starts working with excel.

For Newbies :

What is Excel?

Excel is an electronic spreadsheet program used for storing, organizing and manipulating data.

Tip 1 : Wrap the Text

Wrapping a text feature helps to make the content visible in a cell without increasing the width of the cell.

Step 1: Select the text to be wrapped.

excel word wrap

Step 2:  Click Wrap text button (as shown in the image)

excel wordwrap

Tip 2 : Remove Duplicates

To remove the duplicate rows in excel and get only unique rows we can use remove duplicate feature.

Step 1 : Select the column and click Remove duplicates button in Data tab.

excel remove duplicate

Step 2 :

excel remove duplicateexcel remove duplicate

After clicking OK we get only the unique rows as the result shown below.

excel remove duplicate

Tip 3 : Merge Cells

When we need to merge cells in excel to show some heading or for other uses we can use this merge cell feature in excel.

Step 1 : Select the cells to be merged.This can we done we clicking on a cell and dragging the mouse till the cell to be merged.

excel mergecell

Step 2 : Right click and select format cells option.In the format cell window select Alignment tab(as shown in the image).

Then check Merge cells option under Text control section.Click OK.

excel mergecell

After applying the merge cell option we would get the output as the below image.

excel mergecell

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