How to share files between Linux systems

Even for a newbie, the Giver application will be very helpful in sharing files between Linux systems. Giver has been hosted in Google code. Its easy to install and very easy to use. I will explain you how to install and use Giver. I am using the application in Ubuntu 10.04.


  1. Open the ‘Terminal
  2. Enter the following command. sudo apt-get install giver
  3. This will install the application under Applications -> Internet menu

Use Giver

  • Applications -> Internet -> Giver or enter ‘giver‘ in the terminal
  • Giver application showing the list of Recipients for you

This opens up the Giver and you will see Giver iconGiver Icon in the notification area in the notification area

  • The Giver window will show the list of computers in which Giver is running currently.
  • To send a file to a computer. click on that computer from the list, will popup a menu asking either to send a file or folder.
  • Choose necessary option to show the Open dialog box, [ I am choosing ‘Send a file’ ]Choose the file and click open.
  • The user in the selected computer will be prompted to either accept the file or decline.
  • After ‘Accept’ button is clicked, the file transfer gets started. once transfer is done both the users were notified.

Sender will be intimated with Successful transfer message

  • You can configure ‘Giver’ where to save the files received; by opening up its preferences. Default location is user ‘Desktop’
  • To open the ‘Preferences’, right click on the Giver icon in the notification area and select ‘Preferences’ Open Giver Preferences
  • The Preferences dialog box will open. You can change your giver name to be displayed for all your recipients, your profile picture and the location where all your received files/ folders are to be stored. After configuring click ‘Close’

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