How to Open .docx/.xlsx/.pptx Extension File Without Microsoft Office Installed

The later versions of Microsoft Office has the word document extension as .docx instead of the older extension .doc.Suppose if you want to open a word document with .docx extension but you don’t have the latest/compatible version to open them,there are different ways to view them.

View using older Microsoft office – Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack

Microsoft has a compatible pack to view newer version documents in older version office.The Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack can be downloaded from here

View using Google Docs

The document can be uploaded to Google docs and viewed.Thus no softwares have to be installed.

View using Open Office

Open Office is a open-source office suite.By installing Open Office the documents can be viewed
through it.

View using on-line tools or converters

There are several on-line tools and converters available which can be downloaded and used to convert the documents.
On line Tools : zamzar ,ThinkFree
Converter Softwares : docx-converter , docx2doc

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