How to Clear/Delete the My Recent Documents Opened in Windows XP

If you think that you have opened many documents and want to delete them,Here are the Steps;
We can clear the list through the menu and we can also delete all the documents opened by going to the physical path where the documents are located.
Way 1 : Clearing through Start Menu

1. Right Click Start Menu and select Properties.Click on Customize button.This will open Customize Start Menu window.
Start Menu Properties
2. Click on Advanced tab.In the Recent Documents panel,Click Clear List button.Which will clear all the recent documents.
Customized Start Menu

Way 2 : Deleting recent documents through recent document folder.

Recent document folder would be located at the Documents and Settings of that profile folder.
1. Go to Start Menu.Click Run and type “recent” ¬†without quotes in the open textbox.This will open the physical path of the recent documnets folder.
2. Select All(Ctrl+A) the files and delete them.
Recent Folder

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