Accessing Multiple Gmail accounts from the same browser window

I was wondering, it would be great if I am able to login into two of my gmail accounts at the same time from the same browser window. Historically, Google doesn’t allow you to login to multiple google accounts; if you try to login to another user account then Google will prompt you to log off the currently logged in account.

Now its made possible in gmail by the new feature called ‘Multiple Sign-in‘. To enable this feature you need to login into Google account.

Multiple Sign-in Feature
Multiple Sign-in Feature

Click the ‘Edit‘ link in the Muliple Sign-in, you will be forwarded to the page where you should click on ‘On‘ radio button and couple of ‘checkboxes’ and click ‘Save‘. Now, your account is enabled with multiple Sign-on feature.

Sign in to another account

To add another account, click on the Accounts menu at top right side of the Browser menu and select ‘Sign in to another account‘.After you login into another gmail account the Accounts menu will show you both the accounts.

To switch between accounts click the accounts menu and click the appropriate Google account.

Swith accounts
Switch between accounts


  • As of now this feature is available only for Desktop browsers and not for Mobile browsers.
  • You can use this for the following Google products only :Code, Calendar, Gmail, Reader, Sites, Voice.

One thought on “Accessing Multiple Gmail accounts from the same browser window

  1. Thanks for this information. I wanted to use this feature was never thought that this is possible. Thanks Again for this information.

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