Steps to Create Setup and Deployment Project in Dot Net VS 2008

Step 1
Create your own windows application. Create a new Windows application project in C# and named it as Sample.


Step 2

Design your own application. Here we have a simple login form for example.

Step 3
After completing the design and coding, build the solution of the project in release mode.


Step 4
Check the Release folder for the file “ProjectName.exe”. Here in this example we have the project name as sample so we can find a file with the name Sample.exe. Double click the executable file and check the example.


Step 5
Create a Deployment Project. Select the “Other Project Types” -> “Setup and Deployment” -> “Setup project”. Here we have the setup project for example as “SampleSetup”.


Step 6
Add the Sample.exe project application file inside the “Application Folder”.


Step 7

To make a shortcut for the project right click “File System on Target Machine” and create shortcut of the application. Here in this example the project shortcut is created in program files folder.


Step 8
Create the shortcut of the application.


Step 9
Rename the shortcut of the application.


Step 10
Move the Shortcut file to specified target. Note if you need another shortcut for some other target also create use same steps.


Step 11
Now build the solution in release mode.


Step 12
The setup file created in release folder of the project specified path.


Step 13
Run the setup, step the path to extract.





Step 14
The SampleSetup project is extracted and shortcuts are created. Now run your application.



81 thoughts on “Steps to Create Setup and Deployment Project in Dot Net VS 2008

  1. Thanks for the detailed explanation praveen.
    After installation I want a custom action to be performed which would attach a mdb file with SQl server instance present on client machine. Can this be achieved?
    I am able to ship the mdb file along with setup.

  2. Hi Praveen,

    Please let me know the procedure to create a setup file through which we can update the existing application of this setup.

  3. hey thamks for the help..
    Now that i have done this shortcut part, I am getting greedy. Do you know how to add Uninstall option to the shortcut on Start button->Programs

  4. i created setup file and installed it on my computer..

    but i didn’t get any shortcutkey on my desktop. so please tell me where can i found the shortcutkey to run my application

  5. @sriram
    To Create the User Desktop shortcut key,
    1. Go to the “File System” tab in your project
    2. Select the “User’s Desktop” folder
    3. Right click on the files section and select “Create New Shortcut” in the popup menu.
    4. Now the “Select Item ..” dialog box will be opened. In this select the application for which the shortcut should be created.
    5. After the shortcut is created; if you want to rename it, select the shortcut and
    either press ‘F2′ or right click on that to select ‘Rename’ and rename it.

  6. Hi,

    I’ve been trying to change the shortcut icon so that it matches the application icon but can’t seem to get it right. Any idea ?



  7. if this is very low level one it’s really helpful for a beginner on this topic.
    really good task, thanks a lot praveen.

  8. even this is very low level one it’s really helpful for a beginner on this topic.
    really good task, thanks a lot praveen.

  9. that is jus awesome explanation
    bt i gt .net framework 3.5 vs 2008 how to make setup & deployment in it…?

  10. Excellent ,but if any databases like sql are used in our project,then how to create setup file?

  11. thanks For This Detailed Explation But I think This SetUp Required .Net Frame Work On Clints Machine Can ……….
    Can We Create SetUp In Which There Is No Requirement of .net Frame Work

  12. Just what I was looking for. Thanks.

    One thing though… Step 7 seems to be redundant. Or am I missing something?

  13. i have creat a setup and deployment of a project in .net .pleaze give the steps how i can run the setup file of the project in another computer ,where there is no visual studio is installed.
    send it to my email please.

  14. Its easiest process for creating set up.
    plz give e advice for creating set with Database and additional supporting file.


  15. i have website developed in java and .net. now i m looking for deployment.
    can i deploy java application to tomcat in custom actions in setup projects.

  16. I am not able to get the image for the short cut. Kindly inform how to give image.
    I am also getting the error : Error signature:
    EventYype: clr20r3P1:Chartsup.exe P2: P3:4ca2c295 P4:chartsup P5:4ca2c295 P7:179 P8:10 P9: systemnullreferenceexception
    Report Details:…………

  17. Hi Vinayak,

    Try the following step to get the image for short cut.
    1. Add a fav. icon in the application folder directory.
    2. Select the property window for the short cut file, in that set the ICON property by browsing the fav icon path.
    3. Then, Publish the setup.
    4. Now we will get the custom image for our short cut icon.

  18. thank your for your help, I needed this to make the installation for my application.
    can you make another tutorial for changing the default icon of the application? so when I create a shortcut for it on the desktop it will keep the good image quality, not distorted.


  19. hello sir ,

    i want to create the setup of window application with attaching database file so how i can do that
    pls send me urgent reply

  20. you are having good teaching skills ,this kind of explanation is required for freshers.
    i have a small dout
    can we Create a SetUp ,In Which There Is No Requirement of .net Frame Work on client machine.

  21. hello can u tell me how to make setup of a application having Sql database files with it i have created and when used it database doesnot worked on other PCs. please guide me ??????????????????????

  22. The procedure explained was so helpful for me…..thank you very much
    It is the easiest procedure to understand and implement…….once again thanks dude

  23. The above steps were very helpful.. But i also need to include the MDF file(sql server 2005) in my project so that i dont need to install sql server2005 on every machine. Plzz help me out with this….
    thank you in advance…

  24. How to create a decktop icon for .exe file in C# windows application through setup

  25. Thanks a lot Dear. U saved my life. Actually i was having some other problem , but i got a hint from your above description . Thanks a million.

  26. Thanks for this topic..
    But in case of SQL database and Crystal Report this
    logic is not working….
    Can you give all detail about adding reference files of
    Crystal report and SQL Database….



  27. Hi,
    Thanks for the explaining the way of deployement. I have a question as below:
    Is it possible to include some folders (e.g Images) which contains some files used in project? How can we achieve it?

  28. but how with built in sql database..i know that u i dnt know how can we create setup with bulit in database for big project..need u r advise…help me bro…

  29. hi this is a tejas
    i m last year bscit students
    i m developing two stand alone system(Windows application) one is housing management system and second gym management system using c# for front end & sql server 2008 management studio for back end….
    both project are completely done without any error and bugs..

    but i have face problem for setup(.exe file) to both projects…

    my problem is my poroject has install & working properly on my pc

    In another pc install successfully but not working properly..

    error is database can not found..

    anyone can help me to how to create proper setup of c#…..

  30. I have created exe file.. after run setup in my own pc then it goes nice….and after run the setup file in another system everything goes correctly but crystal reports are not opening.. it gives error like “unable to load file”

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